Magnus (father) †
Zara (mother)


Tamra (twin sister)



Love interest

Will, Cassian


Azure, Catherine, Nathan



Firelight jacinda

Jacinda is a Draki, a species of dragon/human shape shifters that can change form as they please or when they feel rushed emotions. As she was forced to move from the pride out to a city in the middle of desert she notices this one boy named Will Rutledge, who she saw earlier in her Draki shape (and he saved her), with whom she fell in love with. She lives a story of drama with Will that never dares to leave her side as they go to hell and back in multiple adventures where the true love they have for each other is shown.


Jacinda is a draki, people who descended from dragons and can take on a draconic form. She is a Firebreather, making her a valuable member of her tribe, the Pride.

She has one sibling, her twin, Tamra, who is believed not to have manifested a draki, but eventually becomes a Shader Draki. Jacinda's mother, Zara, allowed her draki to die when she thought that one of her daughters didn't have a draki. Jacinda's father, Magnus, was an Onyx Draki who was captured by hunters prior to Firelight.


Firelight (book)Edit

The book starts when she escapes with Azure (Az) to fly, when she returns, her mother tells her that they are leaving the Community and moves to a town in the middle of the desert. When she arrive at the school the first day, she meets Will, who had let her escape when she was about to be captured.

She falls in love with Will, who at the end finds out Jacinda's secret, and trying to save him of Cassian she reveals the ancestral draki's secret.

At the end of the book, they return to the Community.

Vanish (book) Edit

Jacinda has to go back to her homeland and when they get attacked by the hunters Tamra changes into a Shader.


Jacinda is friendly most of the time with a deep longing to make her own decisions, she is gentle and funny, she has a deep connection with her sister Tamra. She longs for her draki to stay alive finding it is possible by the side of Will, the hunter that falls in love with her from the first sight.


Human shape: Fiery red frizzy hair with amber eyes, and a tall, well formed figure.

Draki shape: Golden red skin with gossamer wings that stretch out a bit past her shoulders, same eyes as her human shape.


She is deeply in love with a boy named Will Rutledge, a human that is also a Draki Hunter. She has a forced connection with Cassian, the prince from her pride who is in love with her, or so she thinks. At last she chooses Will but will always have a good and faithful friendship with Cassian.

Corbin, Cassian's cousin has an unhealthy crush on her as well. She rejects him multiple times.